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Below are a collection of commonly asked questions.
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  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching is a collaborative process through which a client receives personalized support in order to remove obstacles that stand in the way of the their ability to thrive. As their ally from the outset, a "right-fit" coach believes in each person’s unlimited potential to achieve whatever goal or outcome set for themselves to become a more effective partner, parent, employee, leader, friend – or anything that they strive to become in some aspect of their life. While each session is different for each client, all sessions include the following: The coach invites introspection and self-reflection guided by careful questioning and deep listening as an objective partner. The coach facilitates a process that helps clarify and crystalize the client's goal to tap their own wisdom, leading to a solution. A coach does NOT solve problems for the client or give advice. In this way, the coaching process clears a path for clients to accomplish their own successes. The coach then ensures that the client commits to action and follows-up to see that it is achieved, and if not, invites more discourse and learning on the issue. The coaching experience can transform one’s perspective about their own unique talents, empowering them to excel in any and every aspect of life.
  • Why is coaching particularly important for bipoc/staff of color?
    Each person encounters moments of joy, challenge, success and disappointment daily. While this is true of the human experience, as people of color, our lived experiences include the additional challenge of continuously navigating systems, structures, policies, processes and ways of being that are not designed for or by us, and in many cases, perpetuate structural racism. While we each possess unique, individual lived experiences, we often share common challenges as we encounter expectations, policies and practices that do not align -- and sometimes counter -- our core values and ways of being. These daily micro-aggressions accumulate, often causing symptoms of racial battle fatigue (RBF.) And yet, these challenges are not only hardships to endure; they provide us with unique skills and understanding that position us to make real change – radical change – that makes a vision of equity and justice more possible to realize.
  • I'm not an administrator nor have an "official" leadership role or title. Should I consider coaching?
    YES! While every person can benefit from coaching, if you identify as BIPOC or as an equity, justice and belonging ally, your organization will no doubt benefit from your engagement with coaching. Your unique voice, perspective and skills are invaluable to serving EACH person in your organization. Whether you have an official title or not, you can and MUST lead for social change.
  • Do you offer group consultations or workshops?
    Radical Becoming, LLC provides a range of services that include: - training workshops (10+ participants, virtual, in-person) to broaden your organization's understanding of and awareness about diversity, equity, justice and belonging in the workplace. - Team consultation to assess team dynamics and provide direction and research-based strategies to ensure equitable contributions. - Social justice program review/curriculum review to identify the quality of a program's design in alignment with your organization's diversity, equity and inclusion goals. - Partnership in designing and implementing teacher coaching and evaluation systems based in researched best practices. - Consultation to review materials such as magazine articles, blog posts, marketing content and white papers to ensure for appropriate use of terminology in communicating your organization's work around diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging.
  • How should I prepare for my initial 30-minute complimentary consultation?
    If you scheduled an initial consultation conversation, be prepared to share your organization's mission/purpose, your ideal outcome from partnering with a consultant, and what -- if any -- challenges you already identified that you want consulting services to address.
  • I don't identify as bipoc, but i want to lead for social change. Do you have services to support me?
    Yes. While we want to particularly empower BIPOC, there are a number of consulting opportunities that may benefit you, depending on your needs. These include personalized 1:1 and/or group leadership coaching, trainings, program development and consultation. Contact us to see whether our services and customized service packages align with your goals and needs. We want to ensure you have the best partner possible to serve your constituents in the most inclusive, dignified manner possible.
  • How can I start working with you?
    If you have browsed through our website and have questions about or want to sign up for a service, please contact us or book an initial conversation.
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