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Coaching Philosophy

The relationship between a Coach and Client is co-creative, meaning that we work together dynamically to facilitate a self-discovery process that unearths and crystalizes Clients’ unique wisdom to progress toward and/or achieve their personal, professional or lifetime goals. Beginning with the assumption of wholeness and infinite capacity, I engage Clients in personalized, bias-aware, critically conscious inquiry, reflection and gentle provocation to empower them in navigating and expanding their individual leadership potential. We may explore physical, emotional, cognitive, metaphysical and spiritual realms of a Client’s lived experience to gain clarity necessary to catalyze change. 


However, I am not a therapist, counselor or consultant. Rather, I am a trained equity-centered coach using honed communication skills to shepherd Clients through a creative process that achieves increased self-awareness and self-actualization in all their multiple identities within their social and organizational contexts. In doing so, the Coach-Client partnership (defined as an alliance, not a legal business partnership) inspires the Client to embrace new possibilities, creates more power to affect meaningful change and fuels passion and purpose within the Client to take actions toward specific goals by committing to a strategy/plan to do so.

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Coaching Collaborative

Learn in Community.

Tap expertise and talent of equity-centered colleagues within your organization, locally or nationally to create personal, professional and organizational change. Connect with professionals to share your lived experience and create meaningful connections to support you, your leadership and your work.

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Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Overcome obstacles to success.

No two people have the same lived experience. Individual, personalized coaching guides you on your unique approach to developing your leadership voice, philosophy, core values and management approach. Connect with me to develop your personalized coaching plan.



Lean in. Commit to equity.

Leaders influence each organization's unique culture and vision of excellence. Map your leadership team's strengths and liabilities in creating equitable spaces, assess your organization's lived commitment to equity, and take action to optimize your institution's full creative and talent potential.

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