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Design your school on a foundation of equity.

  • 45 min
  • Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid

Service Description

Curious? Let's talk. How equity-centered is your organization? How are you strategically designing systematic structures to grow your team's talent and optimize potential? How safe does each member of your organization feel to share their opinion? How often do you consider each community member's sense of belonging? What tools do you use to determine the answers to all the above questions? Whether through workshops, on-site visits, virtual seminars or ongoing equity-centered coaching, Radical Becoming can support you in identifying key levers to empower each employee, ensuring for mission-driven decision-making at each level of your organization. Services Include: Thinking and Questioning Experiences • Speaking Engagements • Curriculum Interrogation * Equity-Centered Talent Management Review Digging-In Experiences • Workshops and Retreats • Transformational Talent Management * Program Review and (Re-)Design

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me ( within 24 hours of this session. This session requires a minimum of 4 participants. Canceling your participation may cancel the session for all participants.

Contact Details


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