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Unearth Your Potential

Explore your capacity.

Empower your wisdom. 

Lead for social change.

Creating a more equitable and just society by tapping the unique power and potential within BIPOC and equity-driven leaders.



Whether for an individual, team or organization, Radical Becoming, LLC is here to support your growth and embrace of diverse, high-functioning, equity-centered work that is necessary for positive social change within and outside your workplace.

Asian and african women holding hands during group therapy session, diverse friends feelin

Coaching Collaborative

Learn in Community.

Tap expertise and talent of equity-centered colleagues within your organization, locally or nationally to create personal, professional and organizational change. Connect with professionals to share your lived experience and create meaningful connections to support you, your leadership and your work.

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1:1 Leadership Coaching

Overcome obstacles to success.

What's the value of transformation? Individual, personalized coaching facilitates a powerful process to develop as an effective, inclusive leader. Hone your leadership voice, philosophy, core values and management approach to move your work product and employee experience from functional to exceptional. Connect with me to develop your personalized coaching plan.


Educational Consulting

Lean in. Commit to equity.

What are your organization's strengths and liabilities in creating equitable spaces for all community members? What short- and long-term practices will improve effectiveness, productivity and daily experiences now? From trainings to developing equitable, mission-driven employee training, professional development programs, assessments, and learning outcomes, there's a tailored package for you to support your team in reaching its goals. 


What's "Radical"?


Laura S. Yee, Ph.D., ACC

Founder and CEO

"There is a definite distinction between that marginality which is imposed by oppressive structures and that marginality one chooses as a site of resistance, as location of radical openness and possibility."  Dr. bell hooks, Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics, 1999

"If we are not afraid to adopt a revolutionary stanceif, indeed, we wish to be radical in our quest for changethen we must get to the root of our oppression. After all, radical simply means "grasping things at the root.""  Dr. Angela Davis, Women, Culture & Politics, 1989

".... radicals understand revolutionary change for what it is—a phenomenon that can occur suddenly but more often than not requires time, commitment, and the patience to endure."  Dr. Debra Meyerson, Radical Change, the Quiet Way, 2001

"Most activism is brought about by us ordinary people."  Dr. Patricia Hill Collins



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I have found my coaching experience with Laura to be deeply reflective, personal, and transformational to my professional practice and growth. I valued working with a coach who also identified similarly to me, had a wealth of knowledge and experience in the independent school landscape, and could directly relate to much of the work I referenced in our sessions. Further, bipoc educational leaders like me need coaches like Laura who empower their clients. Since working with Laura, I've already seen my leadership capacity grow and have taken on new professional opportunities I may not have otherwise considered.

Director of DEIB and Director of Beauvoir’s Specialists
Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School

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